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Why I Like Material Design Lite For Websites

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Elegant. Speedy. Mobile-Friendly. The simple shadowing makes the website pop.

If you haven't heard about Material Design Lite, you should take a couple of hours to read about it.

There's something about the look that I find appealing.

Looking at the site on a desktop does not do it justice. Check out this page on a mobile device. The subtle shadowing around the cards, makes you want to read the article, watch the video, learn about the product. I don't think there's another web design framework that returns the visitor to the golden age of the Internet as well as Material Design Lite.

Back when the Internet was just filled with us nerds, the web sites loaded fast. They had to. Most of us were connecting over slow telephone modems and used text-based commands like "ping" and "finger" and "telnet" to get around. There were no rules back then. I used to spend my time on bulletin boards, arguing with the other geeks who had found the Internet way before the rest of the population.

25 years later, we connect to the Internet via speeds that were once a fantasy. And yet, there are too many websites that still load at speeds that would try the patience of a saint.

Now, we can speed up any site by limiting it to text. But that's not what visitors want to see. Everyone wants pictures. And if you have video, even better. Throw in discussions that are being hosted by Disqus, mix-in some ads from Google, stir-in a social networking plugin,and the site will load in about 2 hours. Especially on your phone.

Material Design Lite gets us back to our roots. Sure there are limitations on the framework. But nothing that a little creative work can't overcome.

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