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Free Murwell AMP HTML Template

I've been writing and coding for years.

It's amazing to me how poor are most websites. Even the large companies, Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, are cumbersome, slow to use.

For the small business, many websites are still not mobile ready. They use small font, tiny buttons, colors that are hard to read. Now, I understand that most small businesses are not doing their own websites. Or they're using Squarespace or Wix, impressed with gaudy sites that take forever to load.

Google became big because they had a website that was simple. Easy to use. Fast.

And that's what Murwell templates are about. Simple (or Sympile as I like to say). Colorful. Fast.

These templates are mobile first. Oh, they'll be fine for the desktop. But the priority is speed. Click and the site loads. Let's start with an amp web page that I did for Sympile.

Get out your phone. Google "sympile." The top search result will be my site.

Google search for "sympile"

Then click on the link.

Now, I told you to use your phone because I want you to see how it looks on a small screen and how fast it loads.

Sympile Weiser Amp File

Pretty impressive. Huh?

There's no menu on this template. The first screen is just a one pager with a photo, social media links, and nice large button.

The second page is just a continuation. As you can tell, the purpose of the page is to get the user to click on the large button.

Sympile Weiser Amp File second page.

Anyway to get the Murwell Amp Template, just click here.

It is released under the MIT license. See the files for details.

To get a FREE AMP Template that has a side menu, please see this posting.