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A Great Way To Speed Up Blogging Is To Use Markdown

This blog is written using the Ghost platform. And part of the reason that more bloggers are using Ghost rather than Wordpress is its built-in use of Markdown.

Markdown is a shorthand that allows one to quickly insert the little things that make online blogging different than writing a plain text document.

You want to hyperlink a term, it's just a matter of using brackets around the language to be hyperlinked and parenthesis around the link.

[terms to be hyperlinked](https://example.com)

A bullet list is made by asterisk asterisk * and a space before the item which makes creating a listing as easy as:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

A blockquote is made just by using >

After using markdown for a while, it becomes second nature, much like adding a comma or a period is to a sixth grader and is a great way to get out blog posts quickly.

Interesting enough, markdown was also the inspiration for Fountain, an easy method to write and format screenplays (just in case you feel inspired to write the next blockbuster).

And even if you're not using Ghost, markdown is available for Wordpress and Joomla. There are even several standalone markdown editors that can be used.

If you're regularly blogging, Markdown is the way to go.