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I hate slow web sites. Drives me nuts. I have no patience for them. Slow loading. Click. I'm gone.

Guess what? I'm not the only one. Google hates slow sites too. And we better listen to our taskmaster or we may find ourselves on page 94 of Google search results.

That's Murwell's DNA. Speed. Mobile-friendly sites. AMP HTML. Material Design. Bootstrap. WordPress. Drupal. Joomla.

The name Murwell is from a novel that I wrote about the Internet. After all, I have to do something else besides just coding. But if it makes you feel better, the novel is about the Internet, Search, Technology.

Picture of the front cover of the novel **Sympile Weiser** with a search magnifying glass focus on the United States Capitol.

The book is Sympile Weiser and if you have a few minutes, you can have some fun by reading an excerpt here. The novel isn't one of those quickies that was written in a couple of weekends by some freelancer in India for a fiver. I actually worked on it for years. You should also buy it. It's great.

I know you're rolling your eyes, especially after reading me describe my book as "great." That's the funny thing about marketing, if I paid someone to tell you that the book was great, you'd likely believe that person. That's why Nike is going pay Lebron James a billion dollars and Kim Kardashian gets a fortune for her tweets. Strange how that works, believing so-called infomercials. Must have something to do with human nature. Or us being fools.

Anyway, in my great book, Murwell was started by Murdock Wellington and is one of the world's larger tech companies, having recently been passed by Sympile. I guess Murwell would be Microsoft and Sympile is a combination of Google/Facebook/Apple.

Much of the book is about search. Basically, who decides what shows up on top after we click. It's a subject matter that I've been fascinated with since the early days of search engines. I'm not the only one, the European Union investigated Google for biasing search results to push their products for years.

Think about it, pushing products through search results shouldn't be too hard. Who looks beyond the first page.

google search return that android is better than iphone

But what if Google biased their search results for other matters than pushing their garbage? Like social issues or politics. I know what you're thinking, "Take off the tin foil." Maybe, you should follow the news a little more.

Everything's biased. CNN. Fox. Huffington Post. Breitbart. New York Times. New York Post. Everyone posting outrageous articles to get a few more clicks. You ever wonder who're posting those outrageous statements in user forums and comment sections. Real people? I doubt it.

Just remember, nothing is real. It's all just trolls and sock puppets out to get a few more clicks.

Murwell will get you there much faster.

Beige Baseball Cap with Sympile on the front

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