Choosing A Web Site Design? - Speed, Speed, And Speed

You can do a lot worse than focusing on speed when putting together your website. There's nothing worse than a beautiful mobile website that no one will ever see because it loads too slow.

Everyone wants to know how a website is going to turn out. And most clients (and many web designers) look at it the wrong way. They like the gloss. The video landing page. The parallax effect. The stunning photos.

Me, I want to know how fast will it load on a phone. You could show me the most amazing web page. But if it doesn't load instantaneously on my phone, I'm moving on. Google. Sympile. Bing. They all want your pages to load fast.

Google's push to get everyone mobile-ready was the formal recognition that mobile was king. But what they're really saying, we want your website to load fast on a mobile device. Google's open source initiative Amp Platform is all about speed. Whether it's going to be the next big design framework, we will see. But regardless, your website better load fast.

This blog is written on the ghost framework. For pure blogging, Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla have become too slow. Check out Al Weiser's blog, even with a nice photo of Hanalei Bay on his homepage, it still loads quickly.

Fast loading websites will only help with search engine placement. It has to; it's what Google wants. And you better give the search leader what they want, or you will find yourself on page 50.