An Experiment In SEO

August 4, 2016

I put up this blog today and I'm going to see how high I can climb up the Google mountain. The search terms that I will be focusing on are "web design honolulu," "web development honolulu," and "seo honolulu." Hopefully these are terms that could lead to some business. I do that sort of work. Unfortunately, at this point, this website wouldn't even show up on the 100th page of google results.

The domain name of this website is No or I figure if it's good enough for Amazon and Google to have names unrelated to their business, it's good enough for me.

I also happen to notice that neither nor are doing particularly well in Hawaii. One redirects you to a website that is pushing "advertising that works" and the other has a posting from July 2011 that links the user to a website that's up for sale. Maybe it goes back to using generic name. Who wants to use when one can google? I didn't even know there was a, but I could only imagine what the domain owner paid for the name.

No generic domain name for me. It's also this company in this book I wrote and I had the domain name laying around collecting dust. By the way if you want to read a great book, take a look at Sympile Weiser.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my website up in the ratings? Leave a comment below.